Dirty Mnemonics?

It would appear that it is after all the medical students having all the fun--at least judging by the site linked below from St. Louis Medical School.

Nothing beats the old classic list for remembering the branches of the superior thyroid artery:

MAY muscular
I infrahyoid
SOFTLY superior laryngeal
SQUEEZE sternomastoid
CHARLIE'S cricothyroid
GIRL glandular

Or, to remember the bones of the wrist:
SLOWLY scaphoid
LOWER lunate
TILLY'S triquetrum
PANTS pisiform
TO trapezium
THE trapezoid
CURLY capitate
HAIRS hamate

Yes, this is all quite exciting. The best quasi-mnemonic I ever used as a student of language was to learn the dative/accusative prepositions of German to the tune of "I'm too Sexy". However, this is quite lame compared to the St. Louis med students.


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