Bad headlines: 'Theron injury puts 'Aeon' in flux'

I like to read news through Google news, which gives you a somewhat diversified account of the same stories, although in most cases it is only a slightly edited version from AP or Reuters. But this caught my attention because it really sucked: Theron injury puts 'Aeon' in flux. Can't these journalists do a better job than this? Too obvious, too easy. Not really bright.

A footnote: I watched some episodes of Aeon Flux back in late 90's in MTV. It was really cool. But I think she was a brunette. And a very sexy one.


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New mother Britney Spears has given fans a pleasant surprise, by stepping out and showing off her slimmed-down figure during a dinner date with her husband Kevin Federline.(Read more ...)

Britney Spears Down In The Dumps (UK-Flava.com)
Britney Spears is reportedly suffering from baby blues, according to US tabloids. Star People reports that Britney is "down in the dumps" and "cries at the drop of a hat," after giving birth to Sean Preston just over a month ago.(Read more ...)

Ferrell outdrives Britney on NASCAR track (MSNBC)
ST. LOUIS - Will Ferrell got behind the wheel, and is happy about this much: He beat Britney Spears. Ferrell is preparing for a NASCAR-inspired comedy and went for a spin with Richard Petty at the driver's school for prospective riders.(Read more ...)

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