Believe me, father, the Latin for hot pants is brevissimae bracae

"As the iuvenis voluptarius might say, put on your brevissimae bracae femineae and let's go to the taberna nocturna and drink some vinum rubrum Burdigalense.

The Vatican has helpfully produced a new lexicon of modern words in Latin, providing translations for such non-classical terms as playboy, hot pants, nightclub and Merlot. The lexicon, which has just been launched, is intended to provide updated vocabulary for theologians writing in Latin about current issues."


other gems from the article:
punkianae catervae assecla (punk)
tromocrates (terrorist)
placenta compressa (pizza)
pastillus tortilis (tortellino)

This really isn't all that surprising. As, what else is a Vatican theologian writing about hot pants to do? Apparently, the Latinitas foundation publishes a quarterly review that keeps up with all these new coinages. I don't know if Sterling has a subscription, but I'm going to get on it. Maybe we can do better than that even and get one for LingSem.


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