Bootylicious, doublicious, ?-licious

Okay. I answered my question from the post below whether the different Italian foods were in fact bootylicious. A big NO! Anyone interested in any of bootylicious's 24 definitions can check here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bootylicious Most of Urban Dictionary's definitions are related somehow to voluptuous derrieres. Perhaps not coincidentally, the OED gives an archaic definition of delicious with a similar end.

"a. Characterized by or tending to sensuous indulgence; voluptuous, luxurious. Obs. a1340 HAMPOLE Psalter ix. 6 Deliciouse affecciouns of flescly lust."

While this intersection is fascinating, what interests me more is the manner in which booty seems to combine with (de)licious to give us the word. I remember the old Double Bubble chewing gum commercials where the gum was described as doublicious, in a similar construction. But digging further into the OED, one discovers that there is an aphetic version of delicious, viz licious, which is also quite rare and could possibly overlap with the voluptuous definition given above.

"c1420 Sir Amadace (Camden) xxvii, Mete and drinke y-nuhe thay hade With licius drinke and clere. a1670 HACKET Cent. Serm. (1675) 515 He that lives by the Allegorie, feeds upon licious Quails."

So, which version of delicious are the doubl- and bootylicious word coiners using? Are they dropping the de- off of delicious before compounding? Or simply adding to the already shortened licious?
If anyone can think of other -licious examples, I would love to hear them.


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