C-Commanders Record Improving (a little)

After having been bested last Sunday three games out of three by the Yale Nursing School team, the C-Commanders (the Ling Dept volleyball team) made quite a rally this Sunday, winning one game out of three against the McDougal team, with the final scores of the other two games differing only in mere points.

The McDougalers had their boosterism down. They had all the right volleyball cheers and encouragements for their team members when something good happened and all the right "get 'em next times" for their team members when the C-Commanders scored. In fact, I wonder if there might be a correlation between the volleyball language community they formed and the fact that they did manage to best the C-Commanders, most of whom subscribe to differing linguistic interests and orientations? Either way this goes to show any linguists reading this blog that linguistics can find a place at a volleyball game just as well as anywhere else.

All ExPling Writers and readers are invited to attend or join in the fun on future C-Commander Sundays.

Sept. 26 10:00am
Oct. 3 12:00pm
Oct. 10 1:00
Oct. 17 1:00
Oct. 24 2:00
Oct. 31 10:00 and 11:00

All games are played in room H on the 5th floor of PWG.


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