"Going Down a Storm"

In an article in today's Telegraph, I ran across the phrase go down a storm. I had never heard this expression before and thus Googled it, finding many pages of semi-relevant hits, the most relevant of the first few pages of which are pasted below.
The use of the expression seems to range from being a success or appreciated to having a raging ball to some others which are far less obvious. I am hoping then maybe some ExPling Writer (not to be confused with Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter) will know better the use of this phrase and clue me in.

Is 2004 set to go down a storm?
Crotchless 'Monica Lewinsky' knickers go down a storm.
E-books go down a storm with senior surfers.
Gamble pays off as British divers go down a storm.
Russian paintings go down a storm.
Help your night go down a storm with these fun filled classics.
The refreshing whites and juicy reds in this case are sure to go down a storm.
Everybody loved the speech and I appeared to go down a storm.
Unsurprisingly, Mani and Bobby take the piss out of Metallica and bait the audience, but still go down a storm.
The toilets are worse than the weather, take lots of wetwipes, don’t forget the bogroll and you’ll go down a storm!
Another fine production from Matthew Dekay and friends, which went down a storm at the Extrema festival, and will now go down a storm each and every time.


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