Google and digitization, digitalization

My native language inclines me towards digitalization, but I had the impression it was digitization in English. Apparently, both forms are being used as synonyms, with an advantage to digitization in Google (328 K for digitization vs. 50.4 K for digitalization as of 2004-09-14). Curiously, Google "corrects" digitalization, to digitization, even with the former having more than 50 K hits! Is Google becoming normative? That's scary! And even plain wrong by purely normative standards: Merriam-Webster gives an entry to digitalization, which is not a synonym of digitization.

I really like Google, although I do not buy the "You can make money without doing evil". But it is a bit annoying when these algorithms are too smart. If you do not follow the crowd, probably you are wrong. Damn dumb statistics!


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