What [the American people] don't need is all these trumped up advertisements, they just make people curl up and walk away," added the Massachusetts senator.
"I'm calling them 'misleadisments,'" Kerry said of the adverts. "It's all scare tactics ...

Now Kerry is coining words too. I haven't heard tape of Kerry actually pronouncing it, but this word seems as if the stress would be all wrong in it, and I doubt this will be one that will catch on.

'Mislead-ay-sments', maybe, with a long I? or 'misleadisments' with primary stress on the ee-sounding syllable? The latter choice sounds a bit better, but this pronunciation seems much further away from the word 'advertisement' which Kerry's coinage is supposed to play on.

To be fair, I should mention that W's coinings were most likely unintentional and thus have a certain degree of naturalness to them. Kerry's here is completely intentional and completely frigid in my opinion. He should take a course on word stress--and it would probably do him a bit of good to sit in on the de dicto/de re course I've recommended for the SML staff.

I'm all for new words during election season, but I think this one needs a bit of work.


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