Saussure, Nelly, and Pimp Juice

Language: such a slippery beast, as French linguist Saussure once (kinda) said. And that famous follower (sorta) of Saussure, Nelly, has kindly proven the thesis. Aside from remaking - from sheer force of repetition - a fairly girly name into something we all seem to have accepted as befitting a vehemently un-girly rapper, he has given the word "pimp" a rather intriguing makeover. Recently, our aspirant linguist launched a drink called "Pimp Juice", much to the delight of Sunny D-weary kids across the US of A. But Pimp Juice...has nothing to do with pimps....

Well. I think what is most interesting about this review is the fact that not only is there a possible world in which Nelly and Saussure and the word "pimp" intersect, but that that possible world is this world. Kind of like George Carlin and his sentences that had never been said before--about Hitler's mother- in-law or whoever and tossing anchors into pockets.


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