Time for a muffin break declares fashionista Karen Walker

For anyone wondering what a muffin is, it is the result of the too low cut hip hugging jeans too tight. I think that just about sums it up. If more is needed, I include two representative and definitive quotes from the article:

"You know when jeans sit really low and it makes the flesh covering your hips roll over the top? Well, we call that the muffin, because with muffins you get that spillage on the side before the cupcake bit at the bottom of the cake."

And decorum, please, people: "It's great that there are people out there who are not ashamed of their body ... but when I'm sitting in a cafe I don't want to be seeing someone's bum crack!" says Walker. "Either we have to raise the waistband, or in cafes we need chairs with backs on them."

Amen to that. I read a different article in the last few days celebrating the end of the Britney-esque "fashion". The new look will be more like the old look. Either way, the problem of the backless cafe chairs will hopefully be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, if I had been the one to come up with a term to describe what "muffin" describes, it would have been a far cry less friendly.


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