The 'W' is for Wrong

Okay. Since it seems like the last few days or weeks everyone has been trashing Kerry, I guess I can take a turn. So here goes. Where in the hell did he get "W is for Wrong?" This has to be the stupidest and uncatchiest would-be ear worm I have ever heard. And apparently, he has been using this "slogan" for the past few weeks at different campaign speeches around the country. Who exactly is this supposed to appeal to? And did Kerry think of this himself, or worse, pay someone to think of this? Maybe Kerry feels obliged to counter the far right's own appropriation of Kerry's middle initial 'F' as in J 'effin' K?--or as another ExpLinger would so adroitly put it, John-infix-Kerry. Who knows. Either way, it's a pretty sad day when one of the two candidates for president of the United States is reduced to spouting such stale drivel:

"This whole thing comes down to one letter," Kerry said, polishing a new line. "George W. Bush. W stands for `wrong.' Wrong directions. Wrong choices, and it's time to put it right."

I think if this is the best JKerry can do he might be better suited writing country songs. "She's my ex and I don't know why," or maybe "W is wrong and don't X me Y" maybe.


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