German language reforms in crisis

The grand plan to simplify the German language is turning into an embarrassing and expensive national nightmare. An estimated €50 billion spent, and five years down the road of using the “new German” spelling and grammar, the plan has gone awry with the country’s top newspaper publishers opting to swing back to the old way. ... Going with public opinion which shows that 64% of Germans don’t want the changes, the Springer group’s other papers, including Bild Zeitung and the Berliner Morgenpost, will follow Die Welt from tomorrow.

€50 billion! That's some cash. Reminds me of that old song about pissing in the wind, or up a rope, or whatever it was. I can just see the German publishers and the public after spelling/language reform number 29. Talk about having a nose full, or ein Nase voll. Actually, it sounds like a quagmire to me, and if I were the Germans, I would just pull out completely. Obviously no exit strategy was prepared.

Another option might be to take to the streets in protest, as apparently did the French in the 1990s when their silly government had nothing better to do than try and foist some similar expletive on them.


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