Good News for Witches!

Holtzinger admits it's getting easier to be a witch, but the practice is still misunderstood and feared.

"As soon as you tell people you're a witch, the curtain goes down," he said. "We want to reclaim the word and remove its negative connotation. It's a matter of education."

I for one am glad to see that witches are getting their fair due...and connotations! Although, I should say by now that the idea of "reclaiming" a word seems very passé. I don't understand why the witches don't simply enjoy their notoriety. Next we'll have neo-cons reclaiming their word and left wing radicals reclaiming theirs too. I wonder if the German and French language-spelling police could just do away with negative connotations in their respective languages all together? Now that would be an accomplishment.


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