Ratings of voice attractiveness predict sexual behavior and body configuration

This one seems at a first glance n the same line as the previous vowel sexyness stuff, but not quite. Here goes the abstract:

We investigated the relationship between ratings of voice attractiveness and sexually dimorphic differences in shoulder-to-hip ratios (SHR) and waist-to-hip ratios (WHR), as well as different features of sexual behavior. Opposite-sex voice attractiveness ratings were positively correlated with SHR in males and negatively correlated with WHR in females. For both sexes, ratings of opposite-sex voice attractiveness also predicted reported age of first sexual intercourse, number of sexual partners, number of extra-pair copulation (EPC) partners, and number of partners that they had intercourse with that were involved in another relationship (i.e., were themselves chosen as an EPC partner). Coupled with previous findings showing a relationship between voice attractiveness and bilateral symmetry, these results provide additional evidence that the sound of a person's voice may serve as an important multidimensional fitness indicator.

So, it seems that it is possible to correlate people's voices with physical and behavioral measurements. Tosome degree people can infer these shoulder-to-hip and waist-to-hip ratios. Even this extra-pair copulation partners (how many lovers do you have at the same time?). It seems a lot, but these are just correlations. I never even tried to imagine most of these things only by someone's voice, maybe its size. It is a mismatch to see a big guy with a high pitched voice for sure, and maybe I could create expectations with a woman's voice, but this EPC?

Well, the results are there anyway. The problem is that the authors have no clue of what are the parameters that make these voices more attractive or not. A potentially big market. You wanna sound sexy? Change your name to have a high fronted vowel and imitate one of these sexy/masculine/feminine/cheat voices.

To get access the full article click here (you need to have an individual or institutional subscription to the journal Evolution and Human Behavior).


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