Language regions challenge spread of English

An interesting piece on the apparent glottocentrism of Swiss president Joseph Deiss:

Swiss President Joseph Deiss has welcomed the idea of a national law on languages to stem the spread of English in the country. He was speaking after meeting representatives from all four of Switzerland’s linguistic regions who denounced the increasing use of English within the federal administration.

In case anyone is wondering of the havoc that English can cause:

Some parliamentarians have also argued that the use of English can be confusing and that it may not be immediately clear whether Swissmint manufactures coins or sweets.

And another gem of logic from the article:

Flavio Zanetti, the representative for the Italian-speaking part of the country, warned that Switzerland’s culture was at risk if English continued its progress.“We could lose our multilingual identity, which is a vital element of our country’s make-up,” he added.

I say, good luck guys, keep that finger in the dam.


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