Merriam-Webster words of the year

The online Merriam-Webster has a list of words of the year. Guess what is the top 1? No, not "linguistics", but "blog". Many other in the top 10 list are politically related, but one is particularly curious: cicada. They are very common in Brasil in the Fall. Especially disgusting for some, especially because they "pee" on you when making that loud noise. I also heard that they are no peeing. It is another fluid that you can imagine by yourselves. Anyway, the list is based on the on-line lookups, I still cannot figure out why it had so many inquiries. Please, send suggestions in the comments section.

Merriam-Webster Online


Blogger The Neologiac Spooneristocrat said...

Actually, as LO, I, and one other GradLing figured out the other day, the popularity of "cicada" makes sense given the recent emergence of cicada nymphs at record levels in parts of the eastern U.S., as I learned here after typing "cicada" in Google. (If I've learned nothing else from Larry and SHEW, I've learned: "When in doubt, GOOGLE.")

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Blogger DoomSoft said...

Check this out, i was doing some research about Merriam-Webster and i heard that they once used a unique set of phonetic symbols in their dictionaries which permitted persons from various parts of the US to learn how to pronounce new words as others who spoke in the same accent or dialect did, sportsbook. But Unicode did not specify room for these characters in their list. And to enable a variety of computer systems to access the pronunciation, the on-line services of Merriam-Webster specify a less-specific use of ASCII characters, which is not to be confused with the former print fonts.


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