Subcontinent Raises Its Voice

With an English-speaking population now likely to have surpassed that of Britain and the US, India, with its dynamic variety of English, is set to become a linguistic superpower, argues David Crystal.

India currently has a special place in the English language record books - as the country with the largest English-speaking population in the world. Ten years ago that record was held by the US. Not any more.

This is quite interesting news from David Crystal.


Blogger The Neologiac Spooneristocrat said...

I should be overjoyed at all this, but I'm not. These days, whenever I call any one of my credit cards' customer service lines, I always get eager speakers of Indian English from Bangalore who try to mask things by being named "Debbie." They don't always understand the points I make in American English. They tell my credit line is as generous as the Taj Mahal, that I shall get cashback points for everything I buy (up to Himalayan proportions). My inquiries are perhaps too subtle, and often not understood. My switching into Indian English and/or Hindi often makes things worse. Meanwhile, back at home, fellow Americans ask me what I think of my ethnicity taking all our jobs away. Sheesh. Ask me about Indian English some other time. (For the record, I'm of South Asian ancestry and use some variant of Indian English with my relatives, so no offense is intended.)

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