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Tübingen must have thought it about time to start offering its visitors the opportunity ("...OF A LIFETIME!") to experience earthquakes firsthand. Connecticut experienced a few over the last several years but I was either sleeping when they occurred or else they were simply too weak or too far off to have any effect on me. I knew I wasn't going off the loose end last night when I felt 5 seconds worth of grumbling beneath the buildLING I'm living in and then felt the whole buildLING being whiplashed. The world never fails to surprise, even here in SW Germany, of all places. Enjoying solid ground, SCO'Re (<--If I were 20 that name would even cooler, n'est-ce pas?)


Blogger LO said...

> (<--If I were 20 that name would even cooler, n'est-ce pas?)

And if you were 15, you could have something like:


To create your name in Hacker language: try this table:


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Blogger W1ll13 30% Hacker said...

"...and then felt the whole building being whiplashed."

Shake it, baby!

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