Extended Adjective/Adverb Constructions

A quick note to comment on extended adjective and adverbial intensifier constructions, which are most commonly identified with German, I believe. However, the examples below are English. The first comes from a commercial for Yoplait yoghurt in which two bride's maids are kicking back, exhausted, after a wedding, savoring some Yoplait, discussing how good it tastes. (Surely a time rife for composing extended adverbials.) Here are a few of the constructions they came up with:

This yoghurt is:
"getting out of these shoes" good
"not catching the bouquet" good
"not getting stuck with a groom's man shorter than you" good

Separately, the country and western and blues band, "1100 Springs", has a nice extended adjective in a song, which is an extension of the NP "the blues". The extended NP:

I've got the "gone completely crazy 'cuz my woman done left me" blues.


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