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A possible Christmas gift for that friend that is ashamed of being American right now an wants to travel without beeing booed: go Canadian. That is what this website sells. Included, a free report: "How to speak Canadian, eh"? I guess it is easier than speaking Australian. Or you can just go Quebecian if your language abilities allow you so. The possibilities are endless. So is the consumerism.


Blogger W1ll13 30% Hacker said...

Very funny, LO. I don't have to worry about that problem though because I am Texan!

4:29 PM  
Blogger SCO'Re von (temporarily at least) Tübingen GmbH said...

...and I'm a Marylander (aka Crabber)! If the several (recent) attempts to have the Eastern Shore of Maryland secede from the 7th state had actually succeeded, I guess I'd be a proud citizen of the 51st state. I wonder what the new name would've been. Imagine all the American flags out there that would've needed to be outfitted with an extra star. Where would all those "lone" stars have come from? All owners of Texas flags, you'd better watch out! The day may well come! :-D

9:30 AM  
Blogger The Neologiac Spooneristocrat said...

Um, I've actually tried this, i.e. "Going Canadian." Before the election. Being a hyphenated bastard child of Occident and Orient, I have no qualms jettisoning my American identity...Whilst in the UK this summer, I occasionally lied and said I was from Canada. After all, I had practiced my Canadian phonology-- diphthongal raising in "house," and saying "nought" for "not," etc. But there's more to being Canadian than the lefty politics and the odd vowels, apparently, and this got me into trouble. Curious Brits would ask: "Where in Canada?" And I'd say Toronto. Two of them said: "My [relative] lives there; what do you think of [sports fact or political figure, etc]." And I'd be flummoxed, since I know fuck-all about Toronto. Another time, I said "Victoria, BC," because I've actually been there. This time, before the curious Brit could ask me something about the Butchart Gardens, I'd already turned a corner and disappeared... So either I'm the ideal candidate for getting this gag gift, or better yet, I should add a detailed "How-To-Fake-It" guide and start peddling my own "Go Canadian" package. :)

6:03 PM  
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