Google To Scan Books From Big Libraries

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Google Inc. is trying to establish an online reading room for five major libraries by scanning stacks of hard-to-find books into its widely used Internet search engine. The ambitious initiative announced late Monday gives Mountain View, Calif.-based Google the right to index material from the New York public library as well as libraries at four universities: Harvard, Stanford, Michigan and Oxford in England.

Looks like Sterling didn't make the cut. That said, is there anything Google Inc. will left undone? Will it be the next Walmart? Will people start referring to it as "Big Search Engine" akin to "Big Oil" and "Big Pharmaceutical" and "Big Ketchup" companies?


Blogger LO said...

Maybe "Big Brother". People are already on the watch:


See also this discussion on slashdot, which suggests that the "Don't be evil" is just BS:


I don't believe in conspiracy theories at all, but if regular Internet search was paid, Google would be a monopoly for sure. And they are really everywhere. Of course, in America it also means huge amounts of lawsuits.

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