joining the fracas...

Dear Friends,

I've finally heeded the ruckus and joined the fracas. And I'm only three months late! At first, not having a substantially new topic to broach and preferring to comment on the many already-active posts, I thought I'd enter quietly, without my typical hubris, and leave behind my trace only via comments--some of which include (feeble attempts at) doggerel. Suspecting, however, that Blogs do not typically trumpet the addition of new comments to dead posts, I decided I should post here, on the front-door. (Humility has proven short-lived).

But as a new post should bear at least some content besides the indexical-rich "I am here now!", I shall offer here some neologisms shewn to me by my SHEW students (they were told to collect new coinages from their daily life at Yale). Here are a few of them, for your puzzling pleasure, without gloss or etymology:
facebook (v.), veggiesexual (adj.), frape (v.), procrasturbate (v.).
I'll offer more later, when I've finished combing through the student collections. Oh, and a parting thought--as I won't be wintering, regrettably, in Melbourne or Calcutta--why don't we actively recruit some of our Australian or Asian LingGrads and encourage them to post to the blog over the winter recess, so that we may gloat in our blog masthead about "three" or even "four" continents!) Or, if it takes others the three months it took me to get here, we could postpone our gloating till the summer, when surely we LingGrads will span the globe!


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