Language fun, installment #1

Ok kids, get out your 3D glasses, it's time for fun!

Here's our challenge for today: Try to come up with a sentence that contains the longest uninterrupted string of phonetically equivalent words possible (in your native tongue of course).

Example A:

1. Had(1) had had Had(2) over for dinner the other night.
2. Had Had(1) had Had(2) over for a dinner of smoked salmon [(not Will!)] the other night, their differences might have become irreconcilable.

(with 'Had(1)' as a clipped form of 'Hattie' and 'Had(2)' as a term of endearment for a certain haddock fisherman/connoisseur LOL)

Yeah, I know. It doesn't get any better either. Leave now if you please, or forever hold your pEAce.

Example B:

For these I'm using structures in English with a double copula along the lines of "the problem is is that..." and "the point is is that..." (1)-(3) below might also be reminiscent of a recent language-related scandal in a certain seat of high power.

1. What the problem with the word 'is' is is that the whole issue is beyond the sphere of average everyday court proceedings.
2. The problem with the word 'is' is is is this issue going to become paramount in the court proceedings of the next few weeks.
3. The problem with the word 'is' is is is [the word] 'is' going to become paramount in the court proceedings of the next few weeks. (Wow, 5 in a row for this one. I don't think I can top that! (2) and (3) are a bit hard to make out on paper. Certainly with the right intonation they are much easier to grasp.)

So, anyway, I guess you're wondering where I came up with that crap. It's obvious that I didn't have much on my plate in the last few hours...


Blogger pat said...

I've heard a pretty good one with "that":

"He said that that "that," that that that was in your essay, was redundant."


2:47 AM  
Blogger W1ll13 30% Hacker said...

I have one with eight reps. Although, I have to cheat a little bit with the present tense morphology to match the [s] of Roger Rogers's surname:

Roger Rogers Rogers Roger Rogers; Roger, Roger Rogers?

10:59 AM  
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