Leet/Hacker Translator

As the Hacker/Leet languuage was a major hit among expling bloggers, here goes a website that converts automatically regular text into Hacker language, with varying degrees of hackerness. I found that 30% is quite readable, with noticeable modifications. 90%, for example, gives outputs like that:

7|-|1$ 1$ 4 #0|\|93. 73$7. (4|\| %05 .34P 7|-|1$ |\|475.4##%?

which is this with 30%:

Th1s 1s 4 l0ng3r t3st. C4n y0u r34d th1s n4tur4lly?

Quite entertaining. I also should suggest to my blogging colleagues that their nicknames are not very legible, especially for using multiple characters for multiple letters. The scrip suggestion would be:

W1ll13 30% Hacker
R5 40% Hacker, but not really good

The link: Script / Leet Translator


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