New Haven Adverts for SCO'Re von Tübingen

SCO'Re von's mention below of Branford grocery store rules reminds me of an interesting syntactic specimen of an advertisement that can be seen around New Haven in at least two places I can think of. The specimen is a highway billboard for St. Raphael's Hospital, which reads:

"Our good experience ensures yours will be"

I won't provide an analysis, but it seems like there is some variety of polysemous antecedent reference enrichment going on, where the professional "experience" of the hospital workers corefers with the "yours" of the second clause. The problem of course is that the experience of the patient is not the same as the St. Raphael's staff or doctors; i.e., the patient's experience is having her appendix out or some such, while the St. Raphael's staff or doctors' experience is of course their professional experience. Yet, we make the association via polysemy just the same and apparently without too much difficulty. The implications of this are deep and wide...and on hold for another entry!


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