Or should it bee...

..."Spearmental Linguistics?" What about " 'Mental Linguistics?" To satisfy a relatively highly ranking *NC I guess it could be " 'Metal Linguistics," featuring online chats with Mötley Crüe and Judas Priest, or we could perhaps, dare I say, derive [an unsettling silence begins to permeate the room], within various strata, of course, "Mendelian Linguistics" or even "Mendelssohnian Linguistics." Or we could spell " 'Metal Linguistics" as " 'Me?al Linguistics" for all the Cockneys out there who are still deprived of SIL IPA93 Doulos and the like. Can't be many of them, right? I mean come on, who doesn't have a free SIL IPA font?? (Is it more of a question with two question marks?? If so, how much (so)??)


Blogger W1ll13 30% Hacker said...

It must be late in Tübingen right now! ;-)

4:28 PM  

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