Rush Limbaugh in the Age of Cognitive Science

Rush Limbaugh is one of the most influential voices on the American political scene today. While many regard his voice as polemical and bombastic, he nevertheless has a primary role in formulating the metaphors which shape much of the new Republican Congress' policies. Though many dismiss his rhetoric as simplistic and intellectually facile, he clearly taps deep into the American psyche with his visceral language. Viewed from the perspective of metaphor analysis, Limbaugh's rhetoric is brilliantly constructed in its use of culturally entrenched metaphors, which resonate with the emotional feelings of his listeners and readers...

This is an interesting paper I came across that I think I will just let speak for itself.

On a somewhat related note, to the penultimate post, that is, I hear in Rush Limbaugh's coverage of Democrat consultant Lakoff, he has taken to pronouncing the first vowel in Lakoff's name as [æ] rather than [e], which we can all figure out at least one funny word that ryhmes with this (give or take one initial voiced affricate).


Blogger The Neologiac Spooneristocrat said...

What is with semanticists and their names? I think pronouncing Lakoff in the aforementioned manner is just as tasteless as pronouncing Jackendoff with syncope, or Horn with y-epenthesis. ;)

5:46 PM  
Blogger SCO'Re von (temporarily at least) Tübingen GmbH said...

I myself thought 'Lakoff' was pronounced with [æ] before I found out differently a couple years back. And what about 'Labov?' My first guess was that that name was pronounced 'L[æ]bov (of course, I was wrong there too). While we're at it, have any of you ever heard the word 'perseverance' pronounced with main stress on the -se- syllable (penult or antepenult depending on how you pronounce what follows)? I had never heard that pronunciation in my life but someone you all know seemed to imply that that was the standard American English pronunciation. Not if you ask me... For me it has always been and always will be perse'v[i]rance.

9:16 AM  

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