Truly one of the funniest books ever authored

There is some pretty crude language in here but that's what makes it so hilarious. CY introduced me to the book a few years back and I remember that I was literally, yes, LITERALLY hurting because I couldn't stop laughing. Enjoy.


Blogger W1ll13 30% Hacker said...

Agreed. The book is hilarious, and I might add, contains a paper or two by two of Yale's very own Linguistics faculty.

6:25 PM  
Blogger SCO'Re von (temporarily at least) Tübingen GmbH said...

Right, I purposely didn't bring up their names in case they'd prefer that their work therein stay buried in the bowels of Amazon. I know the pseudonyms were meant mostly for purposes of humor but I didn't want to assume that they weren't, in the end, meant for more practical and expected purposes. I'm sure larynx (that was the name, right?) wouldn't mind either way though.

10:07 PM  

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