Ad Regulators Warn FCUK Again for Double Entendre

LONDON (Reuters) - UK advertising regulators signaled a weariness of the double entendre used by French Connection to sell its FCUK brand and warned the clothing chain again, this time over a promotion for its line of fragrances.

In an ad placed for French Connection by Zirh International in the Boots pharmacy chain's magazine, a picture of a young couple sitting on a bed in their underwear included fold-out samples of perfume with the phrases "open here to try fcuk her" and "open here to try fcuk him."

Hmmm. This article might be interesting in terms of meaning and intention. Or, it might just be a waste of bandwidth.


Blogger The Neologiac Spooneristocrat said...

I remember, whilst in London last summer, finding the omnipresent FCUK advertisements and stores to be distracting and annoying. (The new perfume taglines are a new low). Watching hordes of young Britons teeming in and out of the FCUK stores, I concluded that the English have lost any claims they may have once had to being the arbiters of good taste.

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