Experts say Australians beginning to lose their distinctive accent

Australian language experts say the Aussie accent is losing its distinctive "ocker" twang. The nasal, flattened vowels familiar from the rants of Dame Edna Everage, Crocodile Dundee, former prime minister Bob Hawke and television ads for Australian beer are making way for less extreme, more mellifluous sounds, say researchers at Sydney's Macquarie University who have just completed a 15-year study of Australian speech.

Source: The Daily Telegraph via National Post

Man, I thought Australians were tough. Melifluous sounds? Crocodile Dundee was one of the coolest movies of my childhood, mate!

Jokes apart, I have a hard time getting Australian English vowels. Add this to the all the American English dialects I hear frequently plus the foreign accented speech, (from people from many countries) and you can imagine what the representation of English vowels in my phonological grammar must be... Luckily, consonants do most of the job and I pass as a fluent speaker. Long live those extreme constrictions in the vocal tract.


Blogger W1ll13 30% Hacker said...

Too bad about the Aussie accents.

There is good news though in that the Texan accent appears to be spreading!


I for one am all for Texan accent spreading, and I have been adding to the spread as much as I can. Substratum to Superstratum baby. I don't know how successful my personal help has been though, considering that half the people that ask me where I am from think it must be New York, the other half guess Australia or somewhere in the UK.

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