Tsunami at FEMA

FEMA (federal emergency managment agency) apparently has a game for children in which they must fix tsunami damage. You can check it out here.


Blogger The Neologiac Spooneristocrat said...

Hooray! I won a dancing frog!
No, seriously: I know FEMA has noble intentions, but what the hell is "FEMA for Kids?" Why should any child be at this site? And a Tsunami Game?!?!?! The concept is perverse, the game is unsettlingly casual...if only disaster relief were as simple as drag-and-drop! If anything, it sends kids the wrong message. It's tantamount to Homeland Security designing a Terrorist Attack Game: "Put pieces of the World Trade Center back together, use your mouse to return corporate files to the right offices, and you win...a dancing Rudy Giuliani running for Election 2008."

2:03 PM  
Blogger Jim Naka said...

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