Googlewhipping and Whacking

Great news! My favorite GoogleWhack "performati[v]e hydr[o]stat" from a much earlier post is now a GoogleWhack again. It seems that as the ExpLing blog entries added up, pushing the older overflow entries into archive status, my disqualifying mention of "performati[v]e hydr[o]stat" has been pushed out of Google bounds. It seems now to be invisible, thus my former whack is once again a real whack.

This is a very small triumph, but I will take it. Raging against the machine!


Blogger W1ll13 30% Hacker said...

Okay. This might be my last post about GoogleWhacks. It seems as of today, a short day after my excited post, my whack is again not a whack. This freaking site:


is nothing but a long long long list of words, two of which are the components of my whack. Yesterday I was whacking, today I'm not. No more whacking for 30%.

4:03 PM  

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