In the land of Pele, legal names are dropped

By Harold Olmos

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Brazilians seem to have trouble holding on to their official names. Sports stars, politicians and other celebrities in this vibrant, freewheeling country are mostly known by nicknames. Legal names become practically irrelevant.

In the land of Pele, legal names are dropped

Quite nice and mostly accurate article about naming habits in Brazil. Last names are indeed too formal and avoided at all costs. Nicknames are unavoidable and many tims preferred, especially for Soccer players. The article suggests that if you don't have an "offbeat" nickname, people will just pick up your first or last name and use it. You are doomed to be boring!


Blogger W1ll13 30% Hacker said...

I guess at least these one-namers don't have "de name" problems like some of their fellow countrymen!


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