The Verdict on Kofi Annan

From an editorial in today's NYT:

The independent panel investigating possible corruption in the United Nations oil-for-food program in Iraq has delivered a mixed verdict on Secretary General Kofi Annan. On the most explosive issue, the panel largely exonerated Mr. Annan of personal corruption in the awarding of a contract to a company that employed his son.

My question is, what does it mean to be "largely exonerated"? Does this mean that Kofi Annan was or was not exonerated? To exonerate an individual is to free that individual from blame. But in my book, "largely" clearly implicates "not completely". So what exactly is Annan's status here, exonerated or not? Thus, the title of the article is misleading, as no apparent verdict is rendered.

From the article, Annan seems to be guilty of no more than an implicit complicity in the destruction of files crucial to the investigation, as well as being easily mislead by his son, Kojo, who seems to be at the heart of the issue here. But, my beef at the moment is not with the missing $21 billion from the UN's humanitarian aid program, but rather with the unnamed editorial writer, who will, perhaps, next week write an article about a woman who is "partially" pregnant.


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