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Just a quick note to note a fun contest for any neologisers who might be reading. Valleywag is offering $240 worth of iTunes tunes for the best Valleyspeak neologism: Valleyspeak Contest.

I can't think of any good Valley neologisms at the moment. One thing though I heard recently which is kind of interesting is the polite version of hella, which is hecka. (from NoCal rather than the Valley, but close enough.)

I wasn't aware that hella could actually be considered offensive, but apparently it is and so from hell/heck we get hella/hecka. Here are some examples from Urbandictionary. It seems to enjoy a quite diverse syntactic distribution.

wow, i'm hecka hungry...
This hecka sucks monkey butt
instead of saying im hungry as hell, you would say im hecka hungry
Yes, Mr. Ambassador, I concur that we are hecka screwed in Iraq
It was hecka people at the concert
I hecka want hecka money.


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